Thursday, June 14, 2012

Roll Over, Roll Over

I think Ellie’s really got it now.  She had rolled over before, but I really felt that it was not  a roll motivated by intelligent, roll-oriented action, but rather the result of angrily thrashing everything her little brain could find that would thrash.

But yesterday, I think she went over on purpose.  And did it 4 times in a row, before I took the hint that she maybe didn’t want to be on her tummy since she was GETTING OFF OF IT EVERY TIME I PUT HER THERE.









She also kept rolling out of frame.  Doesn’t she know about what is due to her public?

She’s also trying to figure out how to crawl achieve forward motion, though at this point her strategy consists of putting her face to the floor and pistoning her legs to scoot herself along.  It gets her a few inches, but it doesn’t look comfy.

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