Sunday, June 10, 2012

In the Backyard

We had a rather busy weekend; we’re trying to prepare for a remodel, which involves moving everything off the second floor of the house into the basement.  And eventually everything from the bedrooms into the living room, but we don’t want to do that before we’re not going to be sleeping in them anymore.  Anyway, this is somewhat complicated by the fact that we have an obscene number of books.  There are thousands of them.  And by and large, they were all upstairs.

They are now all downstairs, and Leo is putting in a request for a new pair of arms.

Luckily, Margaret was willing to be a little relaxed this evening.


So relaxed,  in fact, that she magically made Leo disappear.


And then she got him back, and they shared a joke


and a hug.


And then she came over and gave me a hug


before trying to steal the camera.


Ellie hung out in her carseat and looked as if she was reserving judgement, but that it was an effort.


But I would like to draw your attention to the way the setting sun catches her plume.  It’s several inches high, and sticks straight up with no intervention from me.


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