Friday, March 8, 2013

At the Doctor

Ellie went to the doctor yesterday for her 1 year checkup.

Yes, I know that it's March.

But, you know, schedules are tough too coordinate with naps and Margaret's school schedule and my school schedule and you imaginary people that are giving me guff about not getting her to the doctor need to LEAVE ME ALONE.

Thank you.

Anyway, she is 60th percentile for height and 50th for head circumference, and 90th for weight.

Also, she was at the doctor a good bit for various colds and ear infections and croup incidents in the past month, and since she started walking a couple weeks ago, she has lost a pound.  And it's all around her thighs, because the skinny jeans that I bought her a month ago not realizing that they were skinny jeans now go on her.

To put it another way, the baby is growing up.

Also, she thought that the chairs at the doctor's office were the best things ever.

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