Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cereal Monkey

Margaret never really got into Cheerios.  I mean, I'm sure that there were meals where she enjoyed a Cheerio or two, but her first love was blueberries.

Every meal, every day.  Because, you know, blueberries are awesome.

Anyway, Ellie is not as jazzed about the blueberry.  I assume is is because we haven't read Blueberries for Sal to her 80 million times as we had for Margaret.*  But she loves Cheerios.

Her consumption has reached the point that I need to buy large, economy-sized boxes.  Or rather, her reaction to running out is such that I prefer to have a year's supply of Cheerios in the house at all times because the wrath of the Ellie is fearsome to behold.  Also pathetic.  But mostly fearsome.

Anyway, when I put the double box of Cheerios in the cart, her pleasure was readily apparent.

She spent the rest of the shopping trip diving on the box and trying to chew through it, or giving it a hug.  I think that she might have just been trying to pick it up, but it did look like true love.

I think she's set up with Cheerios for at least the next week.

*Margaret asked me today if the next time we went to Blueberry Hill** she could bring her tin pail and pick blueberries to can for the winter.  She further explained that we would be very careful and not meet any bears.  I can't bring myself to disagree with her plan.

**a restaurant near our house.  Nearish.  Not horribly far from, anyway.

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