Friday, March 8, 2013

She Walks!

We've come up with a theory about Ellie, and that is that she is more cautious than Margaret because Margaret never knew that there was anything to be afraid of, and Ellie has known all her life that there is something marauding about her Umwelt of which (whom) she should be very afraid.

So Ellie is careful.  She doesn't charge into walking, but she slowly considers things, and when she gets them figured out, she takes off.

This video may show why walking might not be the best idea.

In Margaret's defense, I think that she was trying to hug Ellie -- notice how her hands go under Ellie's arms -- but Margaret is oblivious to the effects her hugs can have on people who haven't properly set their feet before receiving one.

In other news, here is proof that Ellie can walk.

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