Friday, March 8, 2013

Cooking Costume

Margaret has gotten interested in dressing up for certain tasks (FYI, Mom, this summer you and I -- which may be more likely to mean you than I -- are going to make some capes for her.  Because capes are cute, and so much easier to use for dress-up than dresses).

Yesterday morning, before school, she got all dressed up to make me some pasta at her kitchen.

She was very proud of her outfit.

What is not apparent from these pictures is that she was not yet wearing any pants, so there was an additional element of amusement there.

Also, somewhere she has picked up the idea that one should wear a mobcap with one's apron (Mrs. Tiggywinkle, perhaps?) and so she improvised with one of Ellie's diaper liners.

She had to stop to look up a recipe.  Also, she made me a cheese and watermelon sandwich that she made me eat.  And a wide variety of pastas.

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