Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daddy's Hair

Ellie woke up this morning with an interesting plume of hair coming up off the top of her head.

I patted it down after I got her dressed, but it persisted.  I just put her down for a nap, and there it was, waving like a crest on the top of her head.

Incidentally, as we went out and about this morning, I got more than the usual number of "that's a cute baby" comments, so it's working for her.

Anyway, while Margaret was at school this morning, we ran some errands, and then since we only had 30 minutes before we were supposed to pick Margaret up, and the weather was not completely freezing, we went to the park.

Ellie enjoyed the walking around and investigating the ground.

The walking went well, although there were various hiccups.  She tipped over every so often, and since she had migrated over to the playground part of the park, she was falling on dirt and bark.  Her hands got dirty.  This was most frustrating for her.

When I didn't move fast enough, she tried pouting instead of just looking concerned.

Since I'm the kind of person that tries to help babies who are distressed by miniscule fragments of bark on their hands, I brushed her off, and that fixed what ailed her.

And then we went on the swing (well, Ellie did.  But I pushed, so it was a team effort) which did little to calm the waving tufts of Ellie's plumage.

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