Monday, March 4, 2013

Backpack, Backpack

Margaret has really, really gotten into Dora the Explorer, which is a remarkably good show that teaches children about maps and Spanish and having a monkey sidekick.

And also about the uses of the humble backpack.  Dora wears a backpack ALL THE TIME and in it she carries a remarkable number of things that just happen to be exactly what she might need for the many adventures that she encounters on her peregrinations through the jungle (and many other landscapes, because Dora's abode is in no fixed location, as far as I can tell).

This has made Margaret very fond of her backpack, and this is her watching pose.*

She is also learning Spanish, and knows colors and numbers and some simple commands.  We're very excited.  And she seems really receptive to learning more, so I may have to dust off my Spanish a little. Or I could start teaching her Latin, which seems a) excessive, and b) hard to do before you know how to read.**

*Not all the time, but at least often enough for me to get a picture of it.

** I know that people can learn it as a spoken language, but I don't know it as a spoken language, and I think that I would find it rather hard to manage the declensions on the fly.  Probably.  Also, it would make her weird.  I'm doing enough of that already without trying.  Spanish is a better option, really it is.

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