Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Margaret Estimates Age

Margaret has a habit of reaching back into the recesses of her memory, and pulling out quite startling things at times.

For example, the other day she told me a story about going swimming at the beach at Nana's house, and the water was salty.  We didn't go to Salt Creek last summer, because of various fogs and then the temperature dropping and the rain and the sleet and what have you.  She hasn't been to another saltwater beach, that I can think of, since she swam at Salt Creek the summer she was 18 months old.

Anyway, we were driving down the road yesterday, and she said that when we went to Nana's house this summer, we would see Aunt Jana and her daughter Addie.

I pointed out that Addie was, in fact, Jana's granddaughter, and she said "Jana is not old enough to be a grandma.  She is Addie's mommy.  Jana is a sister, not a grandmower."  (The "th" sound sometimes gets turned to a w in the mouth of the Margaret).

I mentioned this to Jana, and she has promised Margaret a half-hour in a candy store this summer.

We will see.

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