Friday, March 15, 2013

Joy, and the Plotting

The weather today was lovely, and it felt like Spring.  It's not going to last; Sunday we're supposed to have some sort of wintry mix, and the temperature is going to be in the 30s again, but there was this lovely moment this afternoon when it was 70 degrees.

So of course, we and approximately 1,000 of our closest friends went to the park.  Actually, we did meet someone from Margaret's school, and they played for a little bit.  Or rather, Margaret ran around shouting "Lucy's here!  That's so fun!" and Lucy looked a little frightened by Margaret's exuberance.  Leo left work a little early (or else at 5 precisely, which isn't technically early, but also isn't when he usually leaves), and he joined us.  Fun was had by all.

Margaret tried out the big person swing.  That's what she called it.  I think it might more properly be referred to as the big kid swing, since I think that one's swinging days are usually concentrated between 1 and 12, but that is a quibble that can wait until later to sort out.

Because the point is, she loved it.

My attempts to teach her to pump were not entirely successful, however.   I am hoping that we can work on that.

Ellie got in on the action, but she was in a baby swing because she is not a big person or even a big kid, no matter what she might think.  And she thinks that she is.  Seriously, a kid learns to walk, and suddenly she thinks she has permission to feed herself with a spoon (which I would like her to learn how to do, but not before I've coated the area and her in plastic) and climb stairs and probably stay out late with boys.

I think she's plotting something.  Probably growing up.  Luckily, the plot doesn't have to be all that detailed, so the fact that she's only 1 won't hinder her too much.

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