Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Pictures Which I Neglected to Post Previously

So the park trip had many adorable still shots (although not many of Margaret, because the glare from the setting sun combined with her perpetual motion made most of the shots blurry.  I don't want anyone to think that Margaret is getting shortchanged on this blog, but she goes to school during a decent chunk of the time that I'm not working, and she never stops moving, which makes picture-taking hard.  I will make more of an effort in the future).

Anyway, I forgot to post them in the earlier post, because I got all excited about the fact that I was writing posts in the evening instead of waiting for a school day, and I was pleased because the upload time wasn't years, and I got the video, and then I just ended to post without putting up pictures like this one of Ellie, where it appears that she's standing on one leg.

She isn't, of course.  She's just walking.  But it looks like she's doing Tai Chi or something.  Very advanced, that baby.

We also have pictures of Ellie standing at the slide wondering how you get to the top of these big ones, and Margaret standing across from her, exuding nameless ennui.  Except that it's not nameless.  It's the sort of ennui you get when you slide down the slide that still has puddles on it from the rainstorm earlier in the day, and so it's not so much ennui as it is damp nether regions.*

Eventually, I took pity on Ellie and her clear desire for a ride on a slide (she has great aspirations, that one) and took her over to the small slides, where we played a fun game of static charge the baby.

When I picked her up from this, she got a shock, and I got the dirtiest look ever.  This last picture is taken afterwards, and you can see the tear in the corner of her eye.  Life is hard, and mommies are cruel.

*And, you know, as a parenting aside, hallelujah that damp nether regions are a cause for glum looks.  This is a great stride in child development.  Hosannah, &etc.

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