Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At Least I Didn't Go To Gonzaga

It has been brought to my attention by several independent sources that M looks like a Billiken.

"What," you ask, "is a Billiken?"*  It's the mascot for SLU, and apparently I spent too much time looking at it while pregnant.  Also, apparently too much time studying early modern excuses for your children not looking like their father.**

Anyway, I think there is a certain passing likeness, mostly about the top of the head.  (And the belly, but the pictures don't show it).

Also, the reason for the title of this post?  Gonzaga's mascot is the bulldog.

 And no one wants M to look like that.

*Unless you're from St. Louis, in which case you already know.  But let's not make everyone else feel bad because they're not as clever as you.

**The theory was that if you LOOKED at someone a lot while pregnant, your kid could resemble them.  It sounds like a good excuse to me, but if you read The Troublesome Reign of King John, Eleanor of Aquitaine argues that resemblance is not proof of relation thusly:
Nay, hear you sir, you run away too fast.
Know you not, omne simile non est idem?
Or have read in—hark, ye good sir,
‘Twas thus I warrant, and no otherwise,
She lay with Sir Robert your father, and thought upon King
Richard, my son, and so your brother was formed in this fashion.

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