Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank You, Char

I have a new go-to gift for baby showers.  I am constantly amazed by the near magical powers of my sling.  The other baby-carrier I have - which has a few advantages, but also takes 20 minutes to put on - is not as popular with M.  The sling calms her down, puts her to sleep, and enables me to eat lunch.  It's amazing.  She can go from screaming to happy in about 30 seconds in it.  Of course, that may just mean that screaming really means "put me in my sling, you stupid woman!"

And when she's been in it, and it's suddenly not exerting its comforting pressure on her sides, she wakes up kind of miffed.

She's good at the long miff.

Though her miffs do become a bit repetitive.

In fact, it looks like she's working on developing a dance of some sort.  Or else she just can't decide whether to cover her face or her ears.

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  1. Baby laying on her back. Check
    Baby laying on her stomach. Check
    Baby sitting in a chair. Check

    Baby Sitting on a horse....