Monday, April 19, 2010

Peanuts? Cracker Jacks?

This is yet another post where I talk about how M needs* a beer.** 

We watched a couple of Cardinals games this weekend, and I'm afraid that I have to admit that M only made it to the 16th inning of the 20 inning game.  For the second game, though, she seemed to get into it, and actually watched.  Or was excited by the blinky lights in her field of vision.

See what I mean about the beer?  And possibly a hot dog?

*Needs in the sense that the picture seems to suggest it, not needs in the sense that I think she should have beer.  Although there is the suggestion that beer helps increase the milk supply, so perhaps in some extended way she "needs" me to have beer.  Because she gives every impression of a baby who goes short on food, doesn't she?
**Is it some sort of reflection on my parenting that this occurs so often?

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