Friday, April 23, 2010


There are limited pictures in this post, and I think everyone will realize why.  And some of them are old.

M has gotten to where she can predict things, at least on some level.  If she's crying, there are a few things which seem to soothe her because of what they portend. 

She's made happy by me unbuttoning my shirt. 

[This is where there isn't a picture]

Changing her diaper and swaddling her work (briefly) when she's hungry; these are things that we routinely do just before bed.



(Admittedly, she may just like having her diaper changed, but she frequently has this response when there is no need to change her diaper).

Finally, she cheers up when I put the sling over my shoulder, before she's in it. 

I'm assuming that the recognition is some sort of subconscious, reflexive type of thing.

That or she's just immensely clever.

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