Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baseball and Dairy Fat

Last night we took M to Mr. Wizard.*  There was a baseball game on, and we figured we needed to start her out the way we mean her to go on - eating frozen custard and listening to the Cardinals game on the radio.  Because we don't have a television, and we can't get the games streaming online, because we're in the television market, and the media companies have agreements and things that keep us from only buying the television that we want to watch.  Curses!

She wasn't very happy about it at the beginning, but I stuck her in the sling, and she cheered right up.  See?  Magic.  And the sling matched the decorating scheme, such as it is, at Mr. Wizard.  (At least I think so - I'm pretty sure that his hat has a moon and star on it, but I can't verify as they're not fancy enough to have a webpage).

Leo took about 6 pictures, and this is the only one where the expression on my face isn't completely bizarre.  Apparently I have developed a habit of looking over my glasses and sneering.  I'm probably sneering in this one too, but I've hidden behind my cone.  M is probably sneering too, but the pacifier disguises it.

*It's not that we think that it's better than Ted Drewe's; it's just closer and cheaper.  And M seems to have developed an aversion to the car, so the less time spent in it the better.


  1. Oh, man, Cardinals games and frozen custard. One of the few things I miss about the Lou.

  2. I thought you meant this mr wizard.