Friday, April 16, 2010

Bar Hopping

I would, were M a little older, titled this post "Pub Crawling," but since she can't crawl, that seemed cruel.

Anyway, last night, we took her to her first bar.  Helen and Bruce are in town, and drinking seemed appropriate.*

For all of you out there who are shocked and horrified that we took her to a bar, we sat outside, and it's really just a restaurant that serves drinks.  She behaved, as she usually does, beautifully.  Until we've got another kid that doesn't behave well, I'm going to chalk her amiability up to superlatively good parenting.  Anyone got a problem with that?

She mostly slept in the sling.

Still, note the juxtaposition of the bottle of milk and the beer in the background.

Since M stayed in the sling, she didn't really hang out with any of the other people there, but besides Helen and Bruce, we met up with Caty and Josie (who, in an effort to make life difficult for me, weren't sitting next to each other, so now I have to put up TWO photos.  Humph).

And Helen's in both of them.

But whatever their plans may have been regarding number of pictures required, Josie did take a picture of Leo, me and M, which is something that we didn't have.  Really.  2 months of obsessive chronicling of M's life, and no pictures of the three of us.  But now we have one.

*That was meant to convey the suggestion - playfully and lovingly - that their presence drives us to drink.  But to paraphrase my grandfather - or rather recontextualize his joke - it's not a drive, it's a short putt.  In fact, it was great to see them, and they're awfully cute with M.  See?

This is, by the way, not at the bar but in my living room.

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