Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Dying

There isn't, just to be clear, any suggestion that any of us are in any imminent danger of dying, but when I was downloading pictures this morning, I noted a certain fact that led me down a series of thoughts until I reached the conclusion that I should just not die any time soon.

Here's the picture in question.

And another one closer in.

Now that is red hair.  I mean, it's partially brought out by the light, and the outfit she's wearing, and the background she's lying on, but you can't bring out what isn't there.

And so I was thinking about phrases involving redheaded people, and came up with "red-headed step-child."

And then I thought about the fact that Leo and I have been pretty certain that M is a chick magnet.  I mean, countless 20-something women come up and talk to me when I'm out with her, so it stands to reason that they'd talk to him.  We've considered sending him to the grocery store or the park with her to test the theory, but haven't gotten around to it.*  So if I were to die, red-headed step-childness would be a distinct possibility for M.**

So I have decided not to die in the near future.

Also, bonus pictures of M looking contemplative in the backyard (and a shot of the lilacs to make Mom jealous).

 *One of the things I find absolutely fascinating is the way having a baby with me changes the way people interact with me.  Everyone seems comfortable starting a conversation with me.  It's like she's a great big beacon of . . . well, of something talky.  I guess it's one situation where people are pretty sure that their advances aren't going to be rebuffed.  I mean, who doesn't like everyone recognizing that their baby is someone specisl?  (Perhaps it's just that M is ridiculously cute.  That's probably it).

**Some people might argue that I need to be less influenced by proverbial sayings, and spend a little less time free associating.  They might well be right.

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  1. For what it's worth, it would be very effective. JP used to routinely borrow a friends child to go to the mall. The kid got toys and ice cream and JP got to use him to pick up girls. A win win situation.

    Don't die. But it would be interesting to use Leo as an additional test case and see what happened.