Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Castle of Perseverance

(There are no castles in this post, but I was going to title it Perseverance, and there’s this medieval morality play called The Castle of Perseverance, and the hero is Humanum Genus, which is kind of like being named Human, and it’s late and I have a lot of knowledge that is going unused at the moment, and sometimes I like to take it out and air it a bit and make sure that the moths haven’t gotten in too badly.)

Anyway, Ellie is providing us with a model of perseverance.  She is certain that if she keeps trying hard enough, she will be able to cram her entire fist (perhaps both fists, because hey, a girl can dream, right?) into her mouth.




She’s just got to get the angles right.

And luckily for us, she had to take some breaks to grin, because grinning is the thing we do now.


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