Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Like Mommy

Margaret has taken to doing a lot of things like me, and she likes to note that Mommy has a baby and she has two baby dolls.   She notes these little congruencies, and often I see my own behaviors coming back at me, though usually with some bizarre modifications.  Here is her interpretation of feeding the baby, complete with dialogue and pictures:

My baby is hungry.  I need to give her milk.  Where is her bottle?

Oh, there it is.  Under the Lego box.

Put some milk in it, not Margaret milk, but special baby milk.

I sit on the mat, so I can give baby milk.


Drink, baby.

Margaret’s dinosaur is hungry too! [Notice careful around the neck carrying strategy.  Just like mommy.]


Dinosaurs like milk.



She then proceeded to bottle feed a giraffe, a bear, Queen Elizabeth, and the other baby. 

I like the think that I’m a little better at sticking to the program, I really do.

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