Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kicking Back

After a long hard day of EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT*, Ellie likes to relax by watching her crib mobile.



I really like the hands behind the head.  It’s her favorite posture.

Also, I think that someone has been letting Margaret watch “Bewitched” reruns, or something, because when she describes what Ellie is doing, she says that Ellie is “making her elephants and zebras go round and make musiket [sic].”  Sneaky little nose-twitching infant.

*Seriously, the kid is going through a massive growth spurt that involves waking up some in the middle of the night in search of FOOOOOOOD and then eating me out of house and home during the day.  And she is getting visibly bigger as we watch.  It’s kind of weird.

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