Monday, May 7, 2012


This morning, Margaret drew a hug. To the untutored eye (which means the eyes that Margaret hadn’t ‘splained things to*), it may have looked like a dense scribble, but it was, as she said, a hug.  And she stuck to that story for quite a while, and then she erased it.

And then she drew a balloon.




And it was rather roundish, and had a sort of a string thing.  She’s actually getting to where she can draw some things that look like what they are meant to be.  Later today, she drew “one, two, three, four balloons” and they looked like balloons, and then she scribbled something on the string of the largest balloon, and said “Daddy balloon put on a tie and go to work.”

So she’s got gender roles for balloons nailed down good and solid.

And sometimes she makes scribbles like this – V V V V V – only the other way up, and tells us that she is writing letter As. 

*This makes her sound more like Ricky Ricardo than it needs to, but that can’t be helped.

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