Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Digs

We have decided to move Ellie from her cozy, baby-shaped bedside sleeping pod to a crib.  Well, we haven’t decided so much as have been forced by the fact that she has grown and is too long for the snuggly baby hammock.  And probably too heavy, but we haven’t checked her weight in a while because the scale has run out of batteries.


Also, the hammock seems to have developed a bird infestation.*  Or Ellie is trying, insofar as she is able,** to reenact Hitchcock movies.

She was a little overwhelmed by the cast expanses of space at the beginning.


But soon decided that it was a good thing.





So we’ll see how she sleeps in it.  I realized that she has been sleeping through the night (as in from 8 until 7 with a slight wakeup by me at 10 to feed her some more, but I’m not certain that she actually makes it back to consciousness) since the 19th of April, and I hope that the change in sleep venue doesn’t disrupt that, because I really, really like getting a full night’s sleep.

And remember that Margaret didn’t sleep through the night until LAST SEPTEMBER, so I completely deserve this.

*It makes a cawing noise, and she thinks that it’s really neat.

**This caveat is actually an enormous one at this point in Ellie’s life.

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