Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mommy’s Margaret

(No pictures, sorry).

Margaret has been building a sense of personal property, and not just the sense that everything is hers.  She expects us to recognize that if things are hers, they are hers, but there is a budding sense that if things belong to someone else, she can’t just do what she wants with them.

So that’s good.

Anyway, the other night we were over at Leo’s parents’ house, and Margaret was approaching the end of her rope, which means that she was entering a manic phase, where she does things she’s not supposed to and giggles like a fiend.  It’s just so much fun. 

She was carrying a coaster of a heavy and possibly breakable kind, and her grandfather suggested that she might not want to drop it.  So, of course, she did.  With extreme prejudice.  And he was going to pick her up and rough her up a bit over it (this is something that in general she likes, so how effective it was going to be as a deterrent, I’m not sure, but that’s a discussion for another day).

She yelled “No don’t do it!  That’s Mommy’s Margaret.”

I assume that she is used to hearing “No, don’t do it!  That is Mommy’s computer/paper/phone/lunch/baby/glass etc.”

And she’s used it on Leo a couple of times since then.  So apparently my property rights extend to her.  Good to know.

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