Saturday, April 28, 2012

At the Zoo

Margaret and Leo went ahead and looked at bears and went to the carousel and ran around in circles and were high energy. (Also, pigtails!  On Margaret.  Leo won’t hold still long enough for me to put them in).


Ellie and I took it a little easier.


Actually, I went on the carousel with Margaret.  It’s just better narratively with the pictures and the contrast and stuff.  But Ellie and I stayed out in the sun and the non-fishy air while Margaret and Leo went in to see the penguins in their chilly and fishy cavern.  And then Margaret wanted to go and see the elephants, because she saw the elephants yesterday with her grandmother, and they were amazing, but her little legs were tired out, so we showed her an elephant fountain at the zoo entrance, let her throw some money in, and took her home to give her lunch. 

And now she naps, as does Ellie.  Good times.

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