Sunday, April 29, 2012

Living the High Life

We had dinner tonight at Dan and Kate’s, and Ellie – as you can imagine – has very little to do during dinner what with the no teeth thing.  And tonight’s dinner would have been particularly difficult, since the yearly fatted calf has been butchered, and there was steak* that was just recently swimming in the sea, or whatever it is cows do.****

So she slept.


She’s a very relaxed baby.

Anyway, she got to join in the fun later in the evening.  We tried hats on her.  That was amusing.


*Also, I hesitate to disagree with the Bible, but whoever it was in Proverbs that decided that “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith” hadn’t had steak fresh off the hoof.**

**And yes, these aren’t stalled, but I think that a stalled ox would be better – or at least more tender – so it’s hardly a valid point.***

***Also, I’m not suggesting that there was any hatred at dinner.  I’m just saying that the food was good enough that it would have been nice even if there had been a side of hatred, which there wasn’t.

****What?  I’m from a coast.  Freshness is determined by how long one’s entrée has been out of the water.

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