Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daddy, Daddy

Margaret loves her father.  And thinks that he’s a soft touch.  Which he kind of is.  I mean, how many people would read her My World (which is super-boring, mostly plotless, and reinforces gender stereotypes like you wouldn’t believe) 75,000 times?  And play Legos with her for hours.  I mean, he’s pretty good to her.


This afternoon, though, she was supposed to be napping (which she eventually did – briefly – on the floor of her room in front of the door) and she wasn’t falling asleep.  This angered her.  And I clearly wasn’t letting her out.  So I heard a tearful voice yelling from her room, “Daddy, let me out.  Daddy, let me out.  Leo.  Leo.  LEO!”  Apparently she thinks that she’s more likely to be heard if she addresses him as Leo.  The funny thing is that he’s rarely home at naptime – approximately 2/7 of the time, in fact – so I’m not sure why she thought he was there, but I guess anything’s worth a try when you’re exhausted and you Just. Want. Out.

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