Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Trials of Authorship

Most of you aren’t aware of this, but I work very hard on this blog.  I mean, reams of drivel with only tangential relationship to the pictures that they go along with don’t write themselves, you know.  I frequently find myself sitting at the computer trying to polish that one beautiful sentence* that delicately alludes to the more visceral parts of motherhood without coming right out and saying that my day was more-than-usually filled with excrement.  (I haven’t used it here, but I am actually quite proud of “Mount Vepoopius.”  It’s the little things, you know?).

Margaret gets me, though.  She knows about the agony of the well-crafted bon mot.  And sometimes she drapes herself across my legs and works.






*I’m lying, you know?  These things are totally stream-of-consciousness, and sometimes people tell me about typos and grammatical errors, because I would totally care about those in some types of writing, but I have 40 minutes or so on a good night to do these and laundry and relax, so there’s not a lot of proofreading.  Or planning.  Or even really thinking through what I’m saying.  What you get is what you would get if I were just talking to you, although I get footnotes here, and I use them more sparingly in speaking.**

**I do still use them, though, when I speak.  Is that weird?

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